Producer Finance

Shared Interest offers a range of credit and loan finance products for fair trade producers, farmers and artisans across the world and we lend to fair trade organisations involved in the production of commodities and handcrafts alike.


We provide:

  • pre-finance as working capital against individual orders or contracts to facilitate trade
  • term loans to help producers build capacity and/or profitability for example by purchasing essential equipment
  • stock facilities enabling producers to secure stock when harvests are unpredictable and contracts not yet fixed
  • pre-harvest loans

Key Facility features for all products:

  • Variable interest rates
  • Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding balance
  • A one-off set-up fee of 1% is charged on establishment of any type of facility
  • Repayments are generally made via buyer payments direct to Shared Interest
  • A customer handbook is provided containing full account operating details

Other specific requirements:

  • We will ask for references from your buyers
  • We will seek assurances from your buyers that they will pay you via Shared Interest

To learn more about these lending products, what we require and how to apply, please select the product you are interested in below.

Export Credit - Our pre-finance facility is designed to provide you with sufficient working capital to enable you to complete and deliver new orders or contracts.

Term Loan - For the purchase of infrastructure (building or machinery, vehicle or cableway) or shop stock or if you want to attend an exhibition in order to network and increase your sales.

Stock Facility - Our Stock Facility can help you with financing the collection of your harvest prior to fixing
sales contracts.

Pre-Harvest Loan - For maintaining or improving your crops ahead of the harvest season and the setting of contracts.

For a printable version of our Lending Pack click here.